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Corimmun Exit

Corimmun is a drug-developing biotech company which focuses on personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases. We concentrate on innovative peptide and biological drugs in indications with unmet medical needs.

Exit since June 2012.

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
HTGF-Manager: Marco Winzer
In portfolio 29. Dec 2006 – 22. Jun 2012

MYR Exit

MYR develops a novel, peptide-based, first-in-class drug (entry inhibitor) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and Delta infections. Clinical phase IIb currently in preparation.

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Bernd Goergen
In portfolio 21. Jan 2011 – 09. Dec 2020

Provecs Medical Exit

Provecs Medical develops novel products from its platform technology for cancer treatment by specific activation of the immune system.

Exit since July 2015.

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
In portfolio 25. Apr 2007 – 28. Jul 2015