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Hamburg-based COLIPI is developing an industrial biotechnological process that transforms climate-damaging CO2 and carbon-containing industrial waste into Climate Oil. This product serves as a sustainable and climate-neutral alternative to palm oil and crude oil. A patented bioreactor system is the key differentiator. The solution has the potential to become the world's fastest and, consequently, the most cost-effective CO2-transforming bioprocess. Some of the founders had initial exposure to the technology a decade ago. Since 2021, the project has been supported by EXIST, and in 2022, Philipp Arbeiter, Tyll Utesch, Jonas Heuer, and Maximilian Webers spun off COLIPI from the Technical University of Hamburg.

Hapila's counter-current crystallisation process provides a cost effective procedure for purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, completed by experience in synthesis and particle design.

Numaferm developed a platform technology for fast, scalable and cost-efficient production of peptides and proteins, with a focus on pepteins (PEPTides & protEINS) in the range of 30-500 amino acids. They serve customers from pharma, biotech, agriculture, and cosmetics offering peptides and proteins at highest qualities, within weeks, in a sustainable way. In this context partnership deals with global CDMO PolyPeptide and the world’s leading animal health company Zoetis were closed.
Founded in 2017 as a spin-out of Düsseldorf University, Numaferm has grown to over 20 staff.

PlastFormance develops, produces and markets unique polymer compounds for high-tech applications. The patented PlastFormance technology makes it possible to incorporate unprecedented amounts of ceramic and metallic fillers into a wide variety of plastics. PlastFormance materials differ fundamentally from competitor products in their unique combination of physical functionality (e.g. thermal conductivity or radiation protection), processability in injection molding and the use of spherical fillers. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Drummer, professor for plastics technology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, supports the company as a scientific advisor.