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Crocus Labs

Crocus Labs is developing revolutionary ultra-high efficiency smart lighting solutions for Indoor Farming. Our luminaires combine proprietary Diodes with our smart Sensors and Software to enable growers becoming more profitable.

Sector: AgTech
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
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FarmInsect is an AgriTech start-up from Munich, working on a solution for farmers to produce insect larvae from harvest residues. Insects enable the decentralised and safe production of food in the EU through circular economy and are replacing soy and fishmeal with regional and sustainable insect protein. Farmers receive weekly batches of larvae and raise these as a protein source with proprietary insect systems. FarmInsect offers a machine and IoT system that makes the automated fattening of insects easy.

Sector: AgTech
HTGF-Manager: Maximilian Scholz
Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2021

ZIM Plant Technology Exit

ZIM Plant Technology GmbH sells a user-friendly, long-term stable, non-invasive, telemetry-based magnet sensor technology that measures continuously the water supply of leaves of intact plants with high precision and in real time under field conditions.

Exit since Nov. 2013. Purchaser: YARA

Sector: AgTech
In portfolio 14. Dec 2010 – 15. Nov 2013