MedTech Radar LIVE 2020: Focus on digital therapies

How can digital therapies change healthcare? Which potentials exist in the fields of cardiology, diabetology and endoprosthetics? How can established companies and start-ups in the medtech sector adapt to the new healthcare and business models? These questions and more will be discussed together with experts from the medtech sector during the MedTech Radar LIVE 2020 on June 9th in Cologne. Start-ups active in one of those fields are invited to apply for the start-up pitches. A preview of the event is provided by the joint media service “MedTech Radar” of the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed), Earlybird Venture Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and the trade journal medtech zwo in its 14th edition. The edition is available for download in German and English:

Medical products such as pacemakers, insulin pumps and joint implants are already instituted in healthcare. Nowadays digitalisation, miniaturisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor technology lead to the next generation of medical products. Digital solutions are offering a large potential to analyse diseases in detail and to establish holistic cross-sector models for healthcare delivery. In addition, the Digital Care Act (DVG) represents an important basis for the development of new reimbursement models. 

How such healthcare models could look like in the future will be the main topic at MedTech Radar LIVE 2020 on June 9th in Cologne organized by BVMed in cooperation with Earlybird Venture Capital, HTGF and medtech zwo.

Discussions with established businesses from the medtech- and pharmaceutical industries, clinicians, selected start-ups, investors and representatives from health insurance providers focus on the challenges associated with digital medicine, promising new healthcare solutions and their practical implementation in the fields of cardiology, diabetes and endoprosthetics.

Many of our member companies are global providers of medical technologies, who at the same time, have to apply digital healthcare solutions within very specific local contexts. This balancing act of global and local perspectives must be tackled – both within the companies, as well as with a view to possible funding models”,

Marc-Pierre Möll, Managing Director of the German medical technology association BVMed.

“Many conditions related to cardiology, endoprosthetics and diabetes require complex therapies that extend throughout an individual’s lifetime. In these cases, digital solutions can provide real improvements and offer patients more ownership over their treatment” says Dr. Anke Cassing, investment manager at the fund management company High-Tech Gründerfonds.

Dr. Anke Cassing, Investment manager at HTGF.

Individual patient needs are playing an increasingly central role – even more so if medical products are reimbursed.

Whether value-based care or evidence-based medicine – it is all about making decisions based on real-life data. Digital solutions mean that these data are increasingly easy to collect and analyse,

Thom Rasche, Managing Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital.

He believes that as these developments continue, the focus will shift towards establishing holistic cross-sector models for healthcare delivery instead of focusing on individual medical products.

We need to look more at the overall clinical picture,

Rasche points out in an interview with MedTech Radar.

During the MedTech Radar LIVE event start-ups will have the chance to connect with the pharma and medtech industry, investors and other sector specialists. We are looking forward to receive many applications for the start-up pitches

Sandra Wirsching, Editor-in-chief of the medtech zwo magazine.

Start-ups offering digital solutions in diabetology, cardiology or endoprosthetics are welcome to apply for their participation until 30th April. Five teams in each of the application areas will also be entitled to represent at the exhibition. Furthermore, two teams in each field will have the chance to take actively part in the main event program.

More information about the MedTech Radar LIVE 2020 event:

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