ILIAS-medical GmbH, Bochum is funded by the High-Tech Gründerfonds and Sirius Seedfonds Düsseldorf

The High-Tech Gründerfonds and Sirius Seedfonds, Düsseldorf are funding together with a group of private experts in different industries the ILIAS-medical GmbH, Bochum. Due to the good reputation and professionalism the High-Tech Gründerfonds and SSFD were the 4 founders first choice.

ILIAS-medical is developing the smallest artificial lung worldwide. Based on the Exist-Seed scholarship the company was founded in December 2007 in Cologne, Germany by Albert Großer, Hayat Koubaa, Philipp Mayer and Andreas Strauß. In June 2008 ILIAS-medical moved as one of the first companies to the recently finished BioMedizinZentrum, Bochum. Patients with heavy lung damage are threatened with a high mortal danger. As a last means extra corporal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is often applied to these patients. But ECMO systems are very scarce and very difficult to transport.

The total weight of the ILIAS system is only 1/20th of the weight of standard ECMO systems and fits with 5kg into small standard emergency cases. It is therefore very suitable for intensive care transport with ambulances or helicopters. The system can be self sufficient operated by batteries. “The ILIAS system is more efficient in the elimination of carbon dioxide and by using the warmth of the integrated pump, for which reason no heat exchanger is required. Therefore the system is more efficient compared to others.” Andreas Strauß, technical director of ILIAS-medical, quotes. The very priming volume is adequate to supply even small children and babies with oxygen.
“The ILIAS system is easier to use and much cheaper than any other system on the market. A decisive decrease of the total cost of treatment will be achieved for the operators using the system.” states Philipp Mayer, financial director of ILIAS-medical. Worldwide more than 2 Mio. patients will have the chance to benefit from the high mobility and decreasing costs of this form of therapy in the future.

“The simple and promising idea of ILIAS-medical will provide patients quicker and more efficient with the vital oxygen exchange on the site of accident.” quotes Simon Schneider, senior investment manager at the High-Tech Gründerfonds.

„Due to its modular design as well as its compact and easy system, ILIAS-medical is very feasible. Consequently the product has good prospects to prevail in the strongly growing market of medical technologies“, argues Analyst David Jetel of the Sirius Seedfonds Düsseldorf. This requires a balanced and talented team combining the core competences. „The realization of the idea and the resulting success illustrate that the founders of ILIAS-medical do possess these skills.”

ILIAS-medical GmbH
Philipp Mayer, Andreas Strauß
Universitätsstr. 136
44977 Bochum
Tel: +49 234 810505 50
Fax: +49 234 70894 11

About High-Tech Gründerfonds:
The High-Tech Gründerfonds invests venture capital in young technology
companies that transform promising scientific research into business
enterprises. The seed financing of up to 500 T€ is intended to result in a
technical prototype, a proof of concept or a proof of market. High-Tech
Gründerfonds has access to a fund volume of around 272,0 Million Euro.
Investors in this public-private partnership include the Federal Ministry
for Economy and Technology, the KfW Banking Group as well as the six
industry companies BASF, Robert Bosch, Carl Zeiss, Daimler, Deutsche
Telekom and Siemens.

Ansprechpartner: Marco Winzer
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn
Tel.: 0228 / 965685-00
Fax: 0228 / 965685-50

About Sirius Seedfonds Düsseldorf:
The Sirius Seedfonds Düsseldorf has assets under management of 10 Mio. Euro. It invests in emerging companies located in the Düsseldorf region, focussing on the Lifescience and ICT sector as well as on industrial productions.
The funds’ share averages 500.000 Euro, whereby also higher amounts can be provided. The fund was initiated in the beginning of 2007 by the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, the NRW.Bank, private investors and Sirius Venture Partners. Currently the Portfolio consists of 7 technology ventures, which all have promising growth prospects in attractive markets.

Ernst G. Mayer
Sirius Venture Partners
Merowingerplatz 1
40225 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211 / 542153-10
Fax: 0211 / 542153-90

Investment manager

Marco Winzer - HTGF Startup Investor
Marco Winzer – Partner


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