High-Tech Gründerfonds, Seedfonds Baden-Wuerttemberg and InnoWerft invest in the e-mobility company Chargepartner GmbH

Chargepartner GmbH provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform technology that enables business customers to efficiently operate their own electric vehicle charging infrastructure. By focusing on the needs of the charge point operators as well as e-mobility service providers, Chargepartner has developed a modular service solution for the authorization, management and billing of vehicle charging procedures as well as for the management of user contracts. The solutions provided by Chargepartner are white-label, multi-tenant capable and scalable for businesses ranging from a single charging point to multinational customers like SAP or well known fast food chains.

Thanks to the market entry of attractive electric vehicles (EVs) and the advent of mass production of electric cars by all relevant manufacturers, both business and private customers are switching to electric cars. The result is a dramatic improvement of the ecological balance and the cost savings.

Today the management of infrastructure charging equipment lacks transparency, efficiency and ease of use for both operator and user. Handling and billing multiple users on one or many charging spots per day is complex and financially unattractive. Moreover, the charging of EVs can impose temporary peak loads on the local electricity grid which are costly for the site-operator and can exceed the capacities of the local infrastructure. Chargepartner is set to offer intelligent management systems based on SaaS-technology to overcome these hurdles and further pioneer the way for the success of e-mobility.

Thanks to Chargepartner’s software platform, customers such as large corporations, retailers or energy suppliers are now able to manage their charging infrastructure and the e-mobility services in a simple and efficient manner.

“Our software-as-a-service platform reduces customers’ administrative costs and allows the implementation of new business models in the energy sector,” state Frank Thurecht and Thomas Gehler, CEO and CTO of Chargepartner GmbH, regarding the advantages of the new platform.

Chargepartners’ SaaS – or, to be more precise, “Business as a Service” – consists of multi-tenant, white-label software modules, that manage the charging stations and the corresponding user contracts. Chargepartner owes its unique market position to its independence of car manufacturers, energy suppliers and charging station manufacturers. The company, together with other leading providers, takes part in the development of international roaming standards to support full roaming capability.

The investors’ syndicate consists of HTGF as the lead-investor, MBG Baden-Württemberg managing the Seedfonds BW and the Walldorf’s based incubator InnoWerft GmbH.

Hans-Heinrich Siemers, innoWerft’s managing director about Chargepartner: „With Chargepartner’s comprehensive SaaS solution for managing charging infrastructures a necessary prerequisite for the success of e-mobility is fulfilled. E-mobility projects can now be very easily implemented.

“In addition to the intelligent platform solution, we were also convinced by the business model’s international scalability. It allows Chargepartner to attract businesses and corporations world wide and carries with it a substantial growth potential,” adds Dr. Josef Walek, investment manager of MBG Baden-Württemberg, managing the Seedfonds BW.

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