Focus skeletal asymmetries: BVMed, Earlybird, High-Tech Gründerfonds and BIOCOM publish “MedTech Radar 5”

Approximately 30,000 patients a year are medically treated for skeletal asymmetries, in particular leg length discrepancy. The number of cosmetic surgeries to lengthen legs is also increasing. However, current methods of treatment for patients are usually associated with pain and difficulty. A new generation of implants will mean significant improvements for those affected. The fifth issue of the joint media service “MedTech Radar” from the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed), Earlybird Venture Capital, the High-Tech Gründerfonds and new partner BIOCOM AG focuses on this medical field. A novel, patient-friendly method for treating leg length discrepancy is presented on the basis of the case study of Synoste. A further key topic: The climate of innovation for medical technology in Germany. The current MedTech Radar is available in German and English here.

If not treated, legs with a difference in length of more than 1.5cm can lead to severe health, as well as psychological problems. In addition to orthopaedic measures, patients are forced to suffer repeated surgical procedures, which are laborious and lengthy. External fixators are fixed to the bones in order to lengthen them. Implantable lengthening nails can be used as an alternative, but can only be administered by a few surgeons and also require special physiotherapy. The German-Finnish medical technology start-up Synoste has developed a new generation of leg lengthening implants.

The fifth issue of MedTech Radar is devoted to this third generation of expanding implantable nails using smart and intelligent materials. “Synoste has set itself the goal to develop a patient-friendly, risk and less painful method for the treatment of skeletal asymmetries. Our product is currently in clinical trials in Europe and is expected to come onto the market by 2017,” say the Synoste founders, Harri Hallila, Antti Ritvanen and Juha Haaja.

“Synoste is active in the very dynamic and rapidly growing international orthopaedic market. Their product is an excellent example to show the complex journey a medical product makes from initial research through to use in patients. It demonstrates how crucial the promotion of innovation is for the benefit of patients in Germany,” say Earlybird partner Thom Rasche and Managing Director of the High-Tech Gründerfonds Dr. Michael Brandkamp explaining the choice of the focal theme for the fifth issue.

“The aim of MedTech Radar is to provide continuous insight into new developments in the world of medical technology innovation,” says BVMed Director General Joachim M. Schmitt and Member of the Board.

“With our news platform, a partner of the MedTech radar, we aim to support the information provided to the public about diseases and their treatment based on medical technology innovation,” says Dr. Boris Mannhardt, CEO of BIOCOM AG.

About the publishers:
The High-Tech Gründerfonds invests risk capital in young, up-and-coming technology companies that implement promising research results into business strategies.

Earlybird Venture Capital is one of the most successful European venture capaital investors and currently manages over 700 million euros of capital for an international investors basis.

The German Medical Technology Assocication (BVMed) is an industry association that represents over 230 industrial and commercial companies in the medical technology sector.

As an information specialist, BIOCOM AG has accompanied the life sciences with journals, websites and books for more than 30 years. The news portal reports on start-ups, deals and financings related to the medtech sectors of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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