The technology

VIOSO’s patented smartprojecting technology was originally developed for the distortion-free, true-colour projection onto unusual surfaces like brick walls or rock faces. Creating such a virtual “blank screen” merely requires the automated, one-time calibration with the help of a digital camera connected to the control computer. The projector emits test patterns recorded by the camera. Once this procedure is complete, all projected contents are automatically adjusted on the underlying surface.

Today this technology is mainly used for automatically creating scalable large format displays consisting of several individual projectors.

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The products

VIOSO Player is the entry into VIOSO’s product portfolio. If offers easy to handle playback for pictures and high-res videos as well as all features of VIOSO’s unique smartprojecting technology.

Wings VIOSO is the result of a joint venture with the famous media server and screen manufacturer AV Stumpfl. Since 2009 this product is one of the leading media servers for shows, events, museums, houses of worship and all kinds of individual installations.

VIOSO also offers ready to run solutions, combining tailored hardware and highly optimized software. This bundles are there for simulation and gaming, as well as for fulldome projections and planetariums.



Benjamin Fritsch

  • born 1979
  • graduate computer scientist (media)
  • specialized in virtual and augmented reality
  • diploma thesis „virtual airbrush simulation on 3d objects“
  • 2 Publications
    • founded 2 companies ( , VIOSO)
    • current position CEO at VIOSO
    • Core competencies:
  • Vision
  • technical background
  • Sales
  • customer relationship,
  • OpengL, graphic programming

Entrepeneuer of the year 2008 (germany)

Emanuel Züger

  • born 1977
  • graduate of economics
  • graduate computer scientist (media)
  • specialized in audiovisual programming
  • diploma thesis „synaesthetic audio production“
  • 1 Publications
    • founded 2 companies ( , VIOSO)
    • current position COO at VIOSO
    • core competencies:
  • business organization and controlling
  • project controlling
  • financials
  • technical sales

Entrepreneur of the year 2008 (germany)


Info & Contact

Benjamin Fritsch


Ronsdorferstraße 77a
40233 Düsseldorf

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22. Oct 2007