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stimOS develops and markets (r)evolutionary technologies that functionalize implant materials and offers these technologies to implant manufacturers. With the product lines spineFuse and smartDENT the company develops own biosimilar implant systems.

Press releases

4. August 2020

High-tech firm from Singen, Germany, alongside HTGF (High-Tech Gründerfonds) and MBG co-invest: stimOS GmbH wins WEFA as strategic partner

WEFA Inotec GmbH (WEFA) – a German market leader in extrusion tooling, precision technology and CVD coatings – became a Series A investor in stimOS GmbH (stimOS), a South-Germany-based medical technology company: Despite the Covid-19 turbulent times, uncertainty and unknown entrepreneurial risks, stimOS was able to acquire substantial funding to allow further company expansion. The investment will be used to turn the patented “Mimicking Bone Technology (MBT)” into an inte
27. July 2017

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and MBG invest in stimOS’ Mimicking Bone Technologies: Constance-based Start-Up Company gains HTGF and MBG as investors

German HTGF acts as seed investor at stimOS GmbH located in Constance: Together with MBG, Baden-Württemberg (MBG), the seed stage investor provides 720,000 euros for further development and approval of stimOS’ patented Mimicking Bone Technology (MBT). To ensure best possible recovery for the patient and achieve a pain-free life after surgery, stimOS GmbH has developed a unique biochemical procedure that initiates early and healthy bone formation, anti-inflammatory activity, and faster healing

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04. Jul 2017

Dr. Anke Caßing

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