SPACEGOATS is an all-round solution that automates sales on Amazon and simultaneously expands the market for customers internationally. In their time as Amazon sellers, the founders discovered problems which they are now addressing with SPACEGOATS. With the help of Galaxy software, the sales processes are automated and, with bundled costs, SPACEGOATS customers get away with international sales cheaper than would be possible by operating their own Amazon account.


Manuel Eynollahiargaghy

Dimitrios Kokkonias

Anton Hermann

Andreas Menge


Galactic Start-up Receives Financial Booster for International All-in-One Solution for Amazon Sales

Team Spacegoats - HTGF Start-up Investment
International at the push of a button: The German start-up SPACEGOATS from Stuttgart provides automated software to make the life of amazon-sellers a lot easier – and earns early-stage financing by German investment fund High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). E-Commerce is…

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20. Jan 2020