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SCIPIO BIOSCIENCE – “single-cell profiling for every benchtop”
Scipio Bioscience develops an innovative, user-friendly, and inexpensive kit enabling life scientists to prepare their own samples for single-cell sequencing.
Scipio Bioscience aims at democratizing single-cell analysis by providing the reference sample preparation tool for every academic and clinical research laboratory.


Stuart Edelstein

Pierre Walrafen


Scipio bioscience raises €6.0 M Series A financing to develop and launch a kit dedicated to sample preparation for single-cell RNA-sequencing

Scipio bioscience, a Paris-based biotechnology company, developing a new generation of single-cell sequencing solutions, announces today that it has secured a €6.0 M Series A financing from an international syndicate led by M Ventures (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), the corporate venture capital arm of Merck.…


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15. Nov 2017