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MDTB stands for drugs, which are based on the immunomodulating drug substance Desacell®.
Desacell® is an advanced drug platform based on MSC (Mesenchymal Stromal Cells) and addresses many inflammatory-associated diseases for which there are currently no satisfactory therapies and which lead to high mortality or poor quality of life. Examples include septic shock, acute GvHD and the lung disease BPD.
The mission of MDTB Cell Manufacturing GmbH is the industrial-pharmaceutical production of MSC-based drugs in Germany as clinically well manageable Advanced Therapy Medical Products (off-the-shelf/ready-to-use) to significantly improve the health of affected patients. The manufacturing costs and the progress made in scaling up should also enable application in large patient groups.
Desacell® is currently being tested internationally in several clinical studies.

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MDTB Cell Manufacturing GmbH
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26. Oct 2023


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