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Materials Nexus is a deep tech company on a mission to discover next-generation materials for everyday items that don’t cost the earth. It uses AI to find sustainable, cheaper and higher-performance alternatives to the advanced materials which are used to build the technologies we understand to be vital for a net-zero world. Materials Nexus’ ground-breaking software can accurately predict the properties of sustainable materials and understand the costs and processes associated with scaling and manufacturing them – all in a matter of months, not decades.

Press releases

27. July 2023

Materials Nexus raises £2m to accelerate the world’s change to net-zero materials

Materials Nexus’ unique technology combines AI with quantum mechanics to accurately and rapidly predict novel, high-performing and sustainable materials. The innovation bypasses slow, conventional experimental approaches and accelerates material development from decades to just months – aiding our journey to net-zero. Many of our greenest technologies, including wind turbines and electric vehicles, can benefit from developments in efficiency and performance from their advance

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