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m2p-labs supplies microbioreactor systems focusing on micro fermentations and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development. The product portfolio comprises high-throughput BioLector® micro fermentation systems, microtiter FlowerPlate® plates, and automated cultivation RoboLector® platforms, an integration of the BioLector® tool into a liquid handling system.
Proprietary online monitoring technology increases the number and the information content of microbial experiments, either aerobic, microaerophilic, or strictly anaerobic. Experiments can be conducted with excellent efficiency and high quality at low costs in microscale.

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Press releases

13. November 2020

High-Tech Gründerfonds: Successful sale of portfolio company m2p-labs GmbH to Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Together with lead investor FIDURA, KfW Development Bank, TechVision Fonds and other co-investors, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) has successfully sold its shares in m2p-labs GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of microbioreactors, to Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Founded in 2005, m2p-labs is a leading global manufacturer of microbioreactors.  „m2p“stands for „from microreactor to process“. Using optical measuring technology and microfluidic chip technology combined with min
4. November 2013

FIDURA Private Equity Fonds a new lead investor at m2p-labs

Investment in leading manufacturer of microbioreactors Founded in 2005, m2p-labs GmbH successfully closed its financing round with FIDURA Private Equity Fonds as a new lead investor. Through a capital increase with the participation of seed investors such as the High-Tech-Gründerfonds as the biggest co-investor, FIDURA-Fonds acquired a total stake of 27.61% of m2p-labs GmbH. Their unique technology, a portfolio of renowned international customers as well as the strong growth potential of the
30. May 2011

m2p-labs on course for growth

m2p-labs reaches break-even point and strengthens growth with new capital m2p-labs reaches break-even point, thanks to a strong demand for technology in 2010. Strengthened by good sales figures, long-standing investors are now investing in the company’s growth: the Seed Fund for the Region of Aachen GmbH & Co. KG, the KfW with the ERP Start-Up Fund and the High-Tech-Gründerfonds (business start-up fund), as well as two private investors. m2p-labs is a leading provider of innovative scr

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