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AirGateway GmbH is a B2B airline distribution company connecting airlines with corporate, leisure, offline and online travel agents. AirGateway state-of-the-art technology enables airlines and travel agents to enhance their retailing channels bringing rich content, dynamic pricing and ancillary services as defined by IATA’s new New Distribution Capability standard.

HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 18. Oct 2018


bookingkit is the smart booking solution for activity providers. Despite advancing digitization, the vast majority of activity providers still operate with pen and paper. bookingkit wants to digitize the industry. With its software solution, the company from Berlin helps activity providers to sell, manage and market their experiences.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Tanja Emmerling
Added to portfolio 15. Jan 2015

CA Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance is a software-as-a-service solution for hotel review management. Customer Alliance enables hotels guests to write a review after their stay. Hotel can distribute the reviews on the internet an do realtime quality management checks. Hotels save time and money with Customer Alliance.

HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 22. Mar 2011

HQ plus

HQ plus – the new generation of competitive intelligence for hotels.

HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 17. Dec 2012