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The company was founded in 2014 by Dr. Ralf Hilfrich (technical director) and Stefan Raupach (commercial director) with the vision to establish a new cancer screening program for the early detection of HPV-induced mouth and throat cancer. The two founders combine more than 40 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of in-vitro diagnostics. Located in Ammersbek near Hamburg, the company distributes the rapid test since 2015 to dentists, dermatologists and other specialists, who offer cancer prevention services to their patients.

Sector: In-Vitro Dx
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Fabian Mohr
Added to portfolio 16. Dec 2015


miRdetect is a biotechnology company founded in 2016, with the aim to revolutionise cancer diagnostics. The focus is on development, production and distribution of in-vitro diagnostics based on molecular diagnostic methods. The first product, based on the quantification of microRNA, is a blood test for the detection of testicular cancer. The high sensitivity and accuracy of the test improves the diagnosis and therapy of patients significantly and reduces the costs for the health care system. miRdetect has developed a patented platform technology, which allows the exact and reliable quantification of small amounts of genetic material in body fluids. This robust method represents the basis for the development of additional diagnostic tests.

Sector: In-Vitro Dx
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Lena Krzyzak
Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2018


In order to successfully treat the infected patient, you have to recognize and diagnose most reliably the infecting microbe.
Noscendo changes the way infection causative microbes are identified. Through a paradigm shift we introduce by using proprietary algorithms and software harnessing next generation sequencing, we identify pathogens from cell free nucleic acids in patient samples and thereby aid intensive care clinicians in their daily task to find the right decisions, enabling a targeted and successful treatment in an actionable timeframe.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Fabian Mohr
Added to portfolio 27. Sep 2018


oncgnostics develops - based on proprietary epigenetic biomarkers - highly reliable molecular in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for screening, follow-up care and therapeutic decisions in oncology.

Sector: In-Vitro Dx
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Bernd Goergen
Added to portfolio 13. Mar 2012


Predemtec focuses on the research, development and manufacture of innovative diagnostic tests for use in the detection of dementia-related risk factors. The first product, the Predemtec DX test, is a serum-based immunoassay and uses analysis algorithms for the early detection and risk diagnosis of senile dementia (Alzheimer’s type, AD).

Sector: In-Vitro Dx
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Martin Pfister
Added to portfolio 27. May 2014


Senostic is a diagnostics company developing a differential diagnostic test to detect multiple neurodegenerative diseases in a single test based on its proprietary SeedCylcer platform technology.

Sector: In-Vitro Dx
Added to portfolio 18. Dec 2015