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SIRION BIOTECH produces genetically modified cells and is technology provider in the area of viral vector systems. The specialist in RNAi technology distributes more than 100 products and services. A goal is to develop optimized cell systems for the optimized vaccine, antibody or protein production

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HTGF Exit SIRION Biotech

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Successful Exit for Creathor Ventures, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and KfW – PerkinElmer Agrees to Acquire Viral Vector Gene Delivery Leader SIRION Biotech SIRION Biotech, Martinsried near Munich, will continue to grow its leading position in viral vector…

Viral vectors for novel cell models, gene therapy and vaccine development gain further funds from private investors

SIRION Biotech GmbH closes new financing round with additional investors SIRION Biotech GmbH has won two additional private investors, one of them being Aumenta GmbH. Both contribute to a large extent to the current financing round side by side with the existing investors Creathor Venture, HTGF, Bayernkapital and KfW,…

Creathor Venture and High-Tech Gründerfonds accelerate growth of SIRION BIOTECH with further investment

Creathor Venture and current investors invest in SIRION BIOTECH and provide further funding. In addition to Creathor Venture the investors High-Tech-Gründerfonds, KfW, and Bayernkapital also joined the current round to further fund the young Munich based biotech. SIRION’s core competence lies in the development and…

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04. Sep 2007 – 22. Jun 2021