The FinTech company troy is changing the traditional debt collection industry with methods from marketing and CRM. The aim of the start-up with the locations in Lippstadt (NRW) and Hamburg is to maintain the relationship between the company and the customer in addition to the realisation of the receivables. The founders of troy, Philip Rürup and Till Völzke, rely on multichannel communication as well as individualized and data-driven communication in combination with decades of debt collection expertise. The mission: troy becoming the most customer-friendly debt collection company in Europe.
About half of consumers are in default of payment due to forgetfulness or short-term bottlenecks. Despite that, traditional debt collection treats these customers as if they have not paid intentionally. The process is impersonal, bureaucratic and unpleasant. It is obvious that as a result, companies usually lose their customers. troy changes this and continues to treat the customer as a customer. Tried and tested methods of multichannel CRM, targeting approaches and machine learning drive the new approach. troy addresses each customer via the most promising mix of communication channels and with individually adjusted messages. High transparency, multiple payment methods and friendly communication add to the “troy way”. This allows for high recovery rates of both receivables and customer relationships.

Press releases

18. November 2020

FinTech troy wins HDI as new investor, existing investors strengthen their commitment

troy is investing the new funds in further optimisations of its "debt collection experience” FinTech troy, that specialises in customer-friendly, digital debt collection, has successfully concluded its third round of financing. With Hannover Digital Investments GmbH, the venture capital company of insurance group HDI GROUP, the start-up has gained a partner from the insurance sector, which is an important sector for troy. Almost all existing investors have also increased their commi
3. September 2018
New HTGF FinTech investment troy revolutionizes the debt collection process and combines machine learning with friendliness
The FinTech company troy is changing the traditional debt collection industry by introducing marketing and CRM methods into the collection process. The start-up with sites in Lippstadt (NRW) and Hamburg aimes to preserve the precious relationship between client and customer, while successfully recovering the receivables. troy’s founders, Philip Rürup and Till Völzke, optimize customer experiences during the collection phase and apply multichannel communications, data and AI-driven targeting

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04. May 2018

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