PreComb Therapeutics AG is a privately held Swiss biotech company founded in 2018 by Jens M. Kelm, Peter Steiner and Olivier Mauti with the aim of developing technologies that bring precision medicine benefits to all cancer patients. PreComb is pioneering breakthrough technologies to directly test the drug response of individual cancer patients, based on patient-derived 3D microtumors. For the first time, a fully automated point-of-care solution for determining drug sensitivity or resistance directly in the clinic is being developed. This offers the unique ability to routinely test entire portfolios of cancer drugs and drug combinations in large-scale, making the technology a universal tool from drug discovery to guiding therapies.

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PreComb Therapeutics AG secures CHF 2.2 Mio seed financing to advance personalized medicine for cancer patients PreComb develops the next generation point-of-care technology for patient-specific profiling of cancer therapies PreComb Therapeutics today announced the…

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