Haniel invests in High-Tech Gründerfonds

Complementing investments in venture capital funds as part of digital initiative

Haniel, a German family-equity company, has invested in High-Tech Gründerfonds III (HTGF III). With HTGF III, up to 40 technology companies are expected to receive financial support with a target fund volume of €300 million per year. In addition to its financial involvement, the fund offers technology companies the expertise of its own team as well as an extensive network and scouts as support. Haniel benefits from this network and offers HTGF start-ups access to established business models at the same time.

With its investments in venture capital funds, Haniel is pursuing strategic goals that go far beyond their purely financial nature. Stephan Gemkow, Chairman of the Management Board of the Haniel holding company, also highlighted this: “We are really looking forward to our collaboration with High-Tech Gründerfonds and start-up entrepreneurs. The start-up network, in its variety and breadth, gives us valuable insight and the opportunity to learn from one another. We are also receiving suggestions and a source of momentum for technology trends and innovative business models – both for the advancement of our divisions and for future acquisitions.” Dr Alex von Frankenberg, Chairman of High-Tech Gründerfonds, is pleased to know that Haniel is among HTGF’s new investors: “With Haniel, we are welcoming the oldest fund investor, founded over 250 years ago. Thanks to a great deal of innovativeness and flexibility, Haniel has managed to remain a leading company for centuries. It is an excellent partner and role model for our portfolio companies.”

Venture capital investments as part of Haniel’s digital initiative
As a strategic management holding company, Haniel has been dealing a lot with the topic of digitalisation. Digital transformation offers major opportunities to increase the value of the portfolio in the long run and thus secure the future of every division. With the digital unit Schacht One, the holding company supports the implementation of digital agendas prepared by the divisions. Haniel also decided to invest up to €50 million overall in selected venture capital funds at the start of 2016, thereby making indirect investments in start-ups. In addition to economical objectives, opportunities in particular are to be created in this way in order to learn more about new business models and technology trends. So far, Haniel has invested in multiple venture capital funds, including Project A, Cherry Ventures, HPE Growth Capital and – and now HTGF.

Complementing investments in venture capital funds
HTGF III is open to multiple sectors and connects all players in the start-up and
investment scene. In this way, the technology companies receiving support are to be guided towards success and are expected to strengthen Germany as a location for establishing and carrying out business in the long term. Haniel offers HTGF and the associated start-ups access, in particular, to established business models and a valuable network. Each fund is managed primarily by a particular member of staff. A direct and close exchange is fostered here on a regular basis. The possibilities for the start-up companies are very diverse – from new contacts, various questions of business development to presentation possibilities at top-class Haniel events.

About Haniel
Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH is a German family equity company which has been headquartered in Duisburg-Ruhrort since it was founded in 1756. It is from there that the Holding Company, which is wholly owned by the family, manages a diversified portfolio in line with a long-term investment strategy as a value developer. Haniel’s portfolio currently includes four business divisions which are independently responsible for their own operating business and which hold a leading market position in their respective sectors: BekaertDeslee, CWS-boco and ELG (wholly owned), TAKKT (majority owned). In addition there is the METRO GROUP financial investment.

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