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PAS-Analytik Gasanalytik GmbH, based in Hamburg, develops, produces and markets innovative analyzers that detect gases and measure their concentrations. The name of the company is derived from the acronym for "Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy" - P A S. PAS-Analytik is the world's only supplier of gas analyzers based on the proprietary and extraordinarily powerful measurement method of "Laser-based Photo-Acoustics". This principle enables extremely high detection sensitivities and selectivities and allows the realization of particularly simple and compact gas analyzers. These analyzers work with both laser light sources and broadband light sources. PAS-Analytik has a wealth of experience in the development of these analyzers.

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Dr. Hinrich Groninga
Tel.: +49 40 6685 33 00


Albert-Schweitzer-Ring 14
22044 Hamburg

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HTGF Manager

Klaus Lehmann, Partner