Prof. Dr. Alexander Schachtrupp

B.Braun Melsungen AG

Alexander Schachtrupp is a board certified general surgeon. After positions as faculty surgeon he became Chief Medical Officer and head of Medical Scientific Affairs Corporate at B.Braun Melsungen. Responsibilities in this regard include therapies with medical and medicinal products as well as innovations in health care.
Regarding innovation management he is also responsible for the B.Braun Innovation Hub, a cross-divisional access point at B.Braun for external innovation. In this regard Alexander is the main contact for e.g. German HTGF investment funds.
In addition he is the managing director of the B.Braun Foundation. The B.Braun Foundation provides funds for scholarships, research and congresses for physicians, nurses, hospital managers and health care policy makers. The overall aim of the foundation is to support the healthcare system and leadership abilities of key players.


+49 566 171 299 2