Claudia Raber

Claudia Raber

As a partner of HTGF, Claudia and her relationship management team oversee the fund’s extensive global network and maintain contacts with business angels, co-founders, CXOs, other experts and service providers, among others.
Before the graduate economist started at HTGF in 2009, Claudia founded and managed a PR & networking agency, worked as a freelancer and as a press officer.


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3. June 2021
Startup Safari Mitteldeutschland
On 03.06.2021, Startup SAFARI Mitteldeutschland , Imkubator Gründerservice (Ilmenau University of Technology) together with the startup network SAXEED (involved the two TUs Chemnitz and Freiberg) will organize an online session (from 18:00 to 19:00) on the topic “DeepTech Startups: Ways from the university and support possibilities”. Afterwards, starting at 7pm, there will be a discussion/roundtable with the title “Ready for taking off: what do investors want from deeptech st
4. June 2021
Workshop “Marketing & Sales for Start-ups”
EXIST workshops serve the purpose of exchanging ideas and experiences in start-up consulting at universities. Event on 04.06.2021 is the 23rd Founder’s Talk for all teams funded with EXIST Research Transfer. The start-up talk is part of EXIST research transfer projects, where the project leaders and team members of the funded projects can inform about relevant topics of start-up business. The online event focuses on questions from the topic area “Marketing & Sales for Start-ups&#

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30. April 2021

What HTGF has to offer for start-ups (besides financing)

With over 600 seed investments in almost 16 years, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is Germany’s most active seed investor. Its investment teams have strong ties with business and science. HTGF has long seen itself as a platform that offers start-ups outstanding benefits alongside financing. In this interview, HTGF Partner Claudia Raber sheds further light on the subject. Claudia, as a HTGF Partner, you’re responsible for relationship management at the company. If you had to
5. August 2020

The key to a successful network is empathy

HTGF Partner Claudia Raber, who is responsible for relationship management at the company, explains the art of successful networking, the amount of time that should be invested in building relationships, and why empathy is so important. Claudia, you’ve been in charge of relationship management at HGTF for over a decade now. What does that involve exactly? Claudia Raber: It’s been a core element of HTGF from day one. Alongside the various other benefits we provide, one of the th