Uniki’s Edge Computing solution increases productivity between teams, customers and partners and securely connects devices and company locations.
It provides modern Cloud applications for all areas of business on a maintenance-free, scalable on premise platform with an unprecedented level of security – from data exchange to collaboration, project management, CRM, ERP and many more. As the world’s first private Cloud-App-Platform it combines the advantages of Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud with 100% data sovereignty and familiar integration into the local IT infrastructure (e.g. network shares, Outlook, industry specific software).

Info & Contact

Matthias Bollwein & Roman Leuprecht
+49 89 215364670


Uniki GmbH
Freisinger Landstr. 28
80939 München

In portfolio

15. Oct 2019

HTGF Manager

Frank Kerim Reinecke, Principal / Authorized Signatory