Onetool offers one flexible subscription with access to all SaaS software that you need to run a business. One membership, one billing, and one centralized login. Following the Best-of-Breed philosophy, employees choose the tools they feel comfortable with while having access to the best tools of its kind. They can easily select from different tools for every new project: CRM this month, project management next. Access to all these tools are included in a monthly subscription that is significantly cheaper than the value of the included software. Moreover, there is only need for one monthly billing and IT-admins can manage all licenses with a centralized control-dashboard.

Press releases

6. August 2020

Following in the footsteps of Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe: The new HTGF portfolio company onetool in the famous Y Combinator

The chaos in software license management has come to an end. With onetool, licenses of various software applications can be bought in one app store to finally manage users and subscriptions with only one tool. This innovation also convinced the US American Accelerator Y Combinator, which supported the founders in developing onetool to product maturity. High-Tech Gründerfonds financed this innovation. A lot of companies unnecessarily pay for unused application software because decentraliz

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Gordian Braun & Tobias Becker


onetool Inc.
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14. Oct 2019

HTGF Manager

Dominik Lohle, Senior Investment Manager