In order to successfully treat the infected patient, you have to recognize and diagnose most reliably the infecting microbe.
Noscendo changes the way infection causative microbes are identified. Through a paradigm shift we introduce by using proprietary algorithms and software harnessing next generation sequencing, we identify pathogens from cell free nucleic acids in patient samples and thereby aid intensive care clinicians in their daily task to find the right decisions, enabling a targeted and successful treatment in an actionable timeframe.


Dr. Silke Grumaz, Dr. Kai Sohn, Dr. Peter Haug, Dr. Philip Stevens


Noscendo closes Financing Round for CE Certification and Market Entry Preparation of Platform Diagnostics for Bloodstream Associated Infections

The diagnostic procedures developed by Noscendo help intensive care clinicians to identify the relevant pathogens in bloodstream associated infections. Munich-based family office Wieland Capital, HTGF and three business angels with in-depth knowledge of the diagnostics industry are jointly investing a seven-digit sum…

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