Ark-Biodiversity is a green high-tech company. The company makes species protection possible by using their many years of scientific know-how, the latest genomic methods and custom adapted big-data technologies. Ark develops a universal test, the "Universal Fingerprint of Life", with which any living being and its products can be identified and characterized. Therefore they use blockchain-based technology, which provides the information gained in a contract- and counterfeit-proof manner for market participant – all for the protection of species and to prevent illegal animal trade.


Ark-Biodiversity and HTGF have completed the first joint financing round

Ark-Biodiversity is the newest foundation of the serial entrepreneur Alexander Olek. The 50-year-old father of four children says: “I don’t believe in the survival of humanity without biodiversity; and I do not believe in the conservation of biodiversity, unless our societies find joint mechanisms to…

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Dr. Alexander Olek – Managing Director


Ark-Biodiversity GmbH
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28. Mar 2019