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Arioso Systems GmbH develops and markets a novel disruptive micro-speaker chip technology, based on silicon MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems). Arioso Systems supports the fast-growing market of In-Ear headphones and Hearables (the more intelligent headphone, with direct access to the Internet). The technology of Arioso Systems enables fast scaling to mass market. Key customer benefits include a small form factor and low weight, highest power efficiency and best sound fidelity. Arioso Systems is a spin-off from Fraunhofer-IPMS in Dresden.

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28. April 2022

Another successful exit for High-Tech Gründerfonds – Bosch Sensortec acquires Arioso Systems

Bosch enters the attractive market segment for micro speakers. Acquisition means broader diversification of Bosch Sensortec’s portfolio.Arioso Systems is one of the world’s most innovative providers of MEMS micro speaker technology. Together with Bosch, it will leverage the full potential of its micro speakers.Dr. Alex von Frankenberg, Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds: “Highly innovative start-ups provide a real business and technology boost to established companies. HTGF i
2. April 2020

Arioso Systems closed it’s Venture Capital Seedround to advance a revolutionary µSpeaker technology

Arioso Systems GmbH, provider of a new disruptive micro-transducer technology announces the completion of its first financing round. Arioso Systems 2,6M€ financing round is led by Brandenburg Kapital (Potsdam, Germany), a subsidiary of Brandenburger Förderbank ILB, and supported by High-Tech-Gründerfonds (HTGF), Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (Dresden) and business angels. Arioso Systems is developing and marketing a novel kind of an all silicon mirco-speaker chip which is able to r


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27. Mar 2020

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Dr. Olaf Joeressen, Senior Investment Manager