AIM3D GmbH is a spin-off company from the University of Rostock with the aim to drastically reduce the cost of the additive manufacturing of metal parts.
During their work, the founders of AIM3D GmbH often dealt with many different types of additive manufacturing processes for plastics, but also for metals and ceramics. During this time, they realized that the industrial transfer of additive manufacturing techniques often failed due to the high material costs, especially when it came to the manufacturing of metal parts. For this reason, AIM3D GmbH was founded not just with the aim of simply building another 3D printer, but to overcome the limitations of materials and to revolutionize the additive manufacturing market from a cost point of view. In order to make this possible, AIM3D GmbH has designed a printer which offers the customer the opportunity to use multiple types of material on one machine and which is much more cost-efficient than current metal printers.
Our top priority is to design customer- and problem-orientated products. We are therefore always happy to hear from you. If you cannot find your desired material on our website, we will most likely still be able to find a solution together – just reach out to us!

Press releases

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) & Brose Group invest in cost-effective 3D metal printer manufacturer AIM3D

AIM3D GmbH receives financing of 1.4 million euros. Four years ago, the founders of the 3D metal printer manufacturer AIM3D from Rostock developed a new process for the cost-efficient production of metal parts using the 3D printing process. For the first time, cost-efficient…

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13. Jul 2018