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Certivity is a RegTech company developing a software platform to seamlessly connect the legal and regulatory world to the engineering processes resulting in smarter, safer, more transparent, more efficient, and cheaper management of regulatory requirements. The intelligent software will serve as one stop shop, to advance the reading and understanding of regulatory documents and the collaboration and Interpretation on regulatory requirements. The integration of regulatory requirements and their frequent updates into engineering processes will thus enable the traceability required in modern system engineering. Founded in 2021 by Nico Wägerle, Bogdan Bereczki, Jörg Ulmer, and Sami Vaaraniemi, Certivity brings together a young, creative, and dynamic team of highly skilled domain experts working on innovative RegTech software. Certivity has its headquarters in Munich and an additional site in Stuttgart.

HTGF-Manager: Kilian von Berlichingen
Added to portfolio 13. May 2022