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HQS Quantum Simulations

HQS Quantum Simulations predicts material properties using quantum computers. The company accelerates development cycles in the chemistry and pharma industries. Quantum computers can perform calculations impossible even for the most powerful supercomputers. Current quantum computers suffer from intrinsic errors that limit their performance. The HQS Team developes algorithms for quantum computers that can deal with these errors and enable our customers to profit from the performance advantage of quantum computers earlier than their competitors. Furthermore, HQS offers individual simulation solutions for conventional computers with an integration of high-end simulation methods and the possibility to utilize the upcoming quantum computers.


Kiutra develops fully-automatic cooling solutions for the generation of extremely low temperatures near absolute zero at -273°C. In contrast to conventional Helium based cooling methods, kiutra’s magnetic cooling technique is user-friendly, requires low-maintenance and is scalable. It is therefore highly suitable e.g. for the cooling of quantum technologies at industrial scale.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 09. May 2019


QphoX is developing a Quantum Modem which will allow quantum processor to connect over an optical network. Our technology is aimed at combining the quantum computing and quantum networking markets, with the goal of realizing the backbone of a future quantum internet.

Website: qphox.eu
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
Added to portfolio 15. Apr 2021