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Gravit GmbH was founded in November 2015 in Berlin. Gravit develops an innovative web-based design software (Gravit Designer) that allows everyone to create effortlessly all kinds of professional design, including web and screen design, mobile design, logos, flyers, business cards and more.

Gravit Designer is completely based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, which allows it to run smoothly in any modern browser and operating system. The unique technology behind Gravit allows designs to be stored and saved automatically in the cloud and designers and design teams can easily collaborate from anywhere.

The intuitive user interface of Gravit Designer encourages even beginners to create their own designs and layouts. The Gravit team will be providing all the necessary knowledge about using the design tool in a Design Academy section in the website. Furthermore, Gravit will offer a marketplace with ready-to-use design templates, which can be purchased and adapted easily for anyone's needs.

In portfolio 15. Dec 2015 – 01. Mar 2018


Geotagging of fotos: Internet platform and clients for mobile devices.

Website: de.locr.com
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
Added to portfolio 22. Dec 2006

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PressMatrix offers a gateway for traditional print publishers into the digital world of publishing. We specialize in the digital publishing of journalistic content and support publishers, agencies and companies in aligning their
activities in the field of digital media cost-effectively and profitably.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Arndt
In portfolio 28. Sep 2011 – 08. Oct 2021