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Inovedis is developing a new surgical technique for rotator cuff ruptures based on a PEEK implant. This injury is by so far the most typical shoulder injury. The patented SINEFIX implant system allows refixation of the tendon with a simplified surgical technique and is optimized for minimally invasive surgery. The technique is easy and quick to learn for the surgeon, minimizing complications due to surgical mistakes. The novel surgical principle suggests significant time and cost reductions as well as improved outcomes. Inovedis was founded in 2016. The company started operations in 2019.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Caroline Fichtner
Added to portfolio 05. May 2021

Kumovis Exit

The founders of Kumovis GmbH have set themselves the goal of enabling the additive production of plastic implants and are developing innovative 3D printers specifically for medical products. Kumovis focuses on the processing of high-performance polymers, which are already established in medical technology. With the Kumovis system these plastics can be processed individually, decentrally and with a high degree of design freedom. Through the integration of a unique air circuit including filter units, the technology enables a clean room environment within the build chamber. The contamination of the component with foreign particles can be avoided. As a result, the Kumovis printer can produce products such as implants cost-effectively and at the same time patient-individualized.


Mecuris enables the individual and custom-made production of orthopaedic aids by means of an intuitive web-based platform and subsequent manufacturing using 3D printing. This includes orthoses (e.g. for stabilising the cervical spine) and prostheses (e.g. artificial limbs), as well as equipment such as covers for below-knee prostheses. Mecuris not only provides orthopaedic clinics and medical supply stores with its innovative platform, but also with a full service package right up to delivery of the manufactured products. Design data is adjusted to a patient’s anatomy in an automated fashion based on digital patient data (CT, scanning, photos).


RIMASYS offers prefractures specimen for educational purposes in the field of orthopedic surgery. The innovative MedTech company is setting new standards in surgical education and implant development through innovative education and validation with life-like fractured human specimen.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Anke Caßing
In portfolio 04. Oct 2017 – 03. Apr 2021

Synoste Exit

Synoste targets a disruptive change to the treatment and management of patients with bone deformities

Website: synoste.com
HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
In portfolio 11. Nov 2013 – 27. May 2020