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Abalos Therapeutics has harnessed the unique immune stimulation of the arenavirus to develop a novel anti-cancer approach that provides the full breadth of the immune system’s power specifically against cancer cells. Through viral replication within cancer cells, Abalos’ arenavirus-based drug candidates are designed to awake precise innate and adaptive immune responses and activate all relevant immune cell types against primary tumors and metastases. Led by experienced biotech entrepreneurs and immunology pioneers, Abalos’ goal is to achieve a quantum leap in immuno-oncology.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Frank Hensel
Added to portfolio 10. Jul 2019

Emergence Therapeutics

Development of antibody conjugate-based cancer therapeutics for solid tumors with high unmet needs that are otherwise difficult to treat
Problem: Solid cancers are still very difficult to treat. Most treatments increase life expectancy, but only a few lead to a complete cure. Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have proven to be a promising therapeutic approach, but still cause significant and toxic side effects.

The solution: Emergence Therapeutics has identified several areas where ADCs can be improved. These are the antibody itself, the toxin used to kill the cancer cell, and the linker that couples the toxin to the antibody.

Technology/ IP: The antibody-related IP is in-licensed from the University of Aix-Marseille (France) and the toxin-related IP is in-licensed from Heidelberg Pharma.
The IP and all results generated for the ADC in development will be out-licensed or sold by Emergence.

Website: emergencetx.com
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Anke Caßing
Added to portfolio 26. Nov 2019


Immunservice GmbH develops biomimetic immune hormones, in particular interleukin-2, for safer, more effective and potentially curative therapies, especially in cancer.

HTGF-Manager: Ulrike Kalapis
Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2007


Tacalyx researches and develops therapeutics targeting TACAs (tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens). These strongly tumor-specific structures are synthesized by cancer cells and contribute significantly to its virulence and metastasis. The recent possibility of synthesizing these complex structures allows the production of specific antibodies for the treatment of currently unsatisfactorily treatable cancers.

Website: tacalyx.com
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Lena Krzyzak
Added to portfolio 02. Jul 2019


Thermosome develops novel drugs for locally-advanced solid tumors by using nanocarriers for heat-induced local drug delivery and thereby reaches up to 15 fold higher local drug concentrations.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Caroline Fichtner
Added to portfolio 15. Oct 2015