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4tiitoo GmbH is a market leader in the area of enterprise SaaS companies for AI-based solutions for easy eye control of computers. The software NUIA Productivity+, used by numerous large companies across various industries, improves efficiency and ergonomics when using standard office software. The new product NUIA Full Focus provides natural eye contact and trust in video conferences – fully automatic and with all video conferencing platforms – optimizing sales and all video communication.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 18. Jun 2014

Adlatus Robotics

In vielen Bereichen lässt der Fach- und Arbeitskräftemangel die Nachfrage nach der Automatisierung von Prozessen wachsen. So auch im Bereich des Facility Managements, in dem sich seit der Pandemie zudem der Anspruch an eine hohe Reinigungsqualität und Sauberkeit stark erhöht hat.

Das junge Unternehmen ADLATUS Robotics GmbH nimmt sich diesen Herausforderungen an und entwickelt und produziert am Standort Ulm, autonome Servicerobotersysteme für den professionellen Reinigungsbereich. ADLATUS wurde 2015 von den Robotik Spezialisten Matthias Strobel und Dr. Siegfried Hochdorfer gegründet und hat sich in den letzten Jahren von einem Startup zu einem jungen und dynamischen Unternehmen entwickelt. Die Navigationssoftware, als Herzstück der Robotersysteme, wird eigens von ADLATUS Robotics entwickelt und macht das Unternehmen flexibel bei der Umsetzung neuer Ideen und Kundenanforderungen.

Neben voller Autonomie, Konnektivität und hoher Sicherheitsperformance setzt das Unternehmen mit ihrer Trusted Robotics Plattform den Schwerpunkt bei der Entwicklung ihrer Robotersysteme auf den Datenschutz und die Datensicherheit ihrer Anwender und entspricht damit den Europäischen Datenschutzrichtlinien.

Das Unternehmen hat sich in der professionellen Reinigungsbranche als Innovationsführer für Serviceroboter etabliert und wurde in den letzten Jahren mit mehreren Awards für die Leistungen des Teams belohnt. Ihre Robotersysteme sind international in den unterschiedlichen Branchen, wie Industrie, Logistikzentren, Sporthallen, öffentlichen Bereichen, Einkaufscenter, Öffentlichen Personenverkehr, Kliniken sowie in anderen Anwendungen im Einsatz.

Als nächster Schritte steht der Ausbau der Internationalisierung in Europa und USA an. Sowie die Erweiterung des Produktportfolios „Service Roboter“ und digitale Tools und die Ausweitung von Cloud-Diensten, die zukünftig „Robot-as-a-Service“ Geschäftsmodelle ermöglichen.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Markus Kückelhaus
Added to portfolio 15. Nov 2016


Aegiq (/ˈiːdʒɪk/, ee-jik) is building a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology. The company is using its pioneering single-photon and integrated quantum optics platform to address the demand for next-gen fibre and satellite quantum communications, as well as drive further research and development in quantum computing and quantum optics using its advanced technology.

Sector: Quantum
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 22. Dec 2021


Spinning-off from the LASA (Learning Algorithms & Systems Laboratory) of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), the company aims to make robotics accessible to all companies. Its technology combines reinforcement learning and closed-loop force control, giving robots a sense of touch and the ability to learn and adapt autonomously to changes. Among other things, this gives manufacturers more flexibility and autonomy, allowing them to automate their manufacturing process in an affordable way. In addition, on-site production employees can now operate the robots without the need for advanced robotic expertise.

HTGF-Manager: Gregor Haidl
Added to portfolio 04. Jan 2023

ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions Semi-Exit

ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions GmbH, Munich, exclusive manufacturer of automatic box opening systems to cut or perforate cartons, closed at the beginning of this year a significant round of funding.

HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 02. Jan 2015


Founded in October 2016, ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH is a technology company headquartered in Paderborn, eastern Westphalia. ALUVATION founder Markus Belte has been fundamentally shaping the technology used in the heat treating of aluminium components since the 1990s and is one of the world’s leading specialists in this field. The ALUVATION system takes heat treating in a new direction, away from permanently installed environments and into a new, digitalised, mobile, modular and dynamic age of Industry 4.0.

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
Added to portfolio 21. Apr 2017


ATMOS Space Cargo, based at Baden-Airpark in Rheinmünster, develops and builds space capsules designed to return any cargo at any scale safely back from space. The cargo their capsules are equipped to transport includes experiments, In-Orbit Demonstration, In-Orbit Verification (IOD/IOV) projects, material science products manufactured in space, biomedical products (e.g., cell cultures, organoids, 3D-printed organs, etc.), semiconductors, rocket first stages and upper stages and whole satellites.

Sector: New Space
HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 22. Jun 2023


Attenio GmbH develops software for manual assembly tasks of complex and varied products. The software package perfectly integrates the production staff into the digital information flow. Order data associated with the assembly order is extracted from the order management systems via direct interfaces and assigned to the correct 3D product data. The software is consistently geared to the needs of the fitters.

Website: attenio.de
HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 04. Nov 2019


autoaid is developing a self-learning, web-based car diagnostic system for professional use in car garages and operates the car service platform autoaid.de.

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
Added to portfolio 31. Jul 2009


beeOLED was founded in 2020 by OLED (organic-light-emitting-diodes) industry veterans Carsten Rothe (CTO, ex Novaled, Idemitsu) and Volodymyr Senkovskyy (COO, ex Novaled) with the goal to solve the last big challenge of OLED displays. Led by serial entrepreneur and Novaled co-founder Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, the deep tech startup develops an efficient & stable deep-blue emitter to improve displays in phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other displays. Its technology is based on making elementary emission from atoms fit for use in today’s vacuum processed OLED displays.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 31. Jul 2009

bentekk Exit

bentekk develops gas measurement instruments for detecting toxic pollutants in industrial applications.
10x faster measurements at lower total cost enable regulatory compliance and increase workplace safety.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Weber
In portfolio 18. Mar 2016 – 21. Mar 2017

bitstars Exit

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

Sector: VR / AR
In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016

BOX ID Systems

BOX ID Systems GmbH focuses on cross-location tracking and identification technology for supply chains. The company thus takes up the growing demands of its customers from the automotive sector and other manufacturing industries and consistently implements them in its product portfolio. BOX ID is known for its networked tracking sensors, which can be located anywhere and create a digital image of the entire supply chain using an intelligent software platform. Whether in closed rooms or on the road, goods and containers can be tracked throughout Europe thanks to BOX ID Systems. The "smart" tags can also be used to record locations on company premises and in buildings with zone accuracy. This is made possible by a new version of the intelligent BOX ID software, which uses the data from thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors for data acquisition, integrates them and merges them with the customer's data sources. The handling of the software itself is just as smooth: simple usability, universal programming interfaces (APIs) as well as a clear web interface support end-to-end processes without much effort for roll-out or training. Numerous companies from industry, automotive manufacturing and logistics are therefore already among the customers of the innovative logistics digitizers from Munich.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 27. Dec 2018

Caeli Wind

In order to achieve the wind energy policy goals, we need intelligent solutions that decisively advance the targeted expansion of wind energy. Planning and approval procedures must be accelerated, species protection assessments simplified, acceptance increased - Caeli Wind offers solutions for all of this - digitally and intelligently. We aim to advance the energy transition together. Caeli Wind is a cloud-based, intelligent platform that identifies wind potential areas and enables quick marketing. We use precise analyzes with the overriding goal of significantly increasing the probability of project development being implemented. On our marketplace, we bring project planners and land owners together and create space liquidity for the expansion.

Sector: Energy
HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
Added to portfolio 27. Dec 2018

Cevotec Exit

Cevotec sells the first production technology for carbon composites that works with fiber patches, enabling manufacturers to build complex composite parts in high volumes. As the key technology partner, Cevotec develops and provides production systems, composite design software and offers development services for prototypes and serial products.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
In portfolio 05. Apr 2016 – 08. Jul 2021


clous GmbH addresses the thousands of manual activities in the field of design (engineering). This results in long processing times, dissatisfaction of well-paid engineers and finally errors. With a unique approach of intelligent algorithms and a dedicated workforce, these activities can be automated quickly and easily, even in a complex software environment, so that processes can run faster and cheaper.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Markus Kückelhaus
Added to portfolio 15. Nov 2022

CommSolid Exit

CommSolid is the cellular IP company providing leading edge ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market. This market demands highly optimized and easy to integrate communication solutions for the NB-IoT standard, allowing every sensor to be directly connected to the Internet. Once integrated into customer integrated circuits (ICs), CommSolid’s baseband IP enables smart applications that modernize and enrich our life in areas like health care, smart home, transport, logistic systems, or industrial applications. Leveraging the experience of more than a decade at the forefront of the wireless communication business, we have unique capabilities to handle high volume and extremely integrated low power solutions.

In portfolio 11. May 2016 – 21. Nov 2018

Comnovo Exit

More efficient industrial processes enabled by enhanced safety: Comnovo develops and markets a new radio-based warning system to reduce the accident risk for collisions between persons and vehicles, in particular for forklifts and wheel loaders.

HTGF-Manager: Yann Fiebig
In portfolio 30. Oct 2014 – 30. Jun 2017

Compositence Exit

Compositence, a University of Stuttgart spin-off, offers innovative platform technology combining the fully automatic and low-cost mass production of composite components with maximum flexibility in the fibre architecture.

Exit since January 2017.

In portfolio 07. Jun 2011 – 27. Jan 2017

Confovis Exit

Confovis offers optical 3D measurement systems for industrial quality control of surfaces down to the nanometer range. The patented system works without moving parts and differs from the competition by its robustness and high measuring speed.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 21. Aug 2009 – 21. Dec 2016


CONTROS provides sensor systems for detecting dissolved CO2, hydrocarbons and methane in water for up to 6,000m. These systems find their applications in Offshore risk management (platform safety, leak detection, blow out prevention, etc.), general oceanographic research such as greenhouse gas studies as well as the exploration / exploitation of methane hydrates. One major future challenge is the monitoring of CO2 sequestrated oil and gas deposits.

Exit since March 2015.

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 17. Dec 2007 – 23. Mar 2015


Coredinate is a Software-as-a-Service application, that enables service companies such as security, maintenance and cleaning services to do their work more efficiently and safer.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2015

Crocus Labs

Crocus Labs is developing revolutionary ultra-high efficiency smart lighting solutions for Indoor Farming. Our luminaires combine proprietary Diodes with our smart Sensors and Software to enable growers becoming more profitable.

Sector: AgTech
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2015


Cubical develops and produces state-of-the-art hardware terminals for cloud computing and virtual desktops.

HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 25. Oct 2011

Cuciniale Exit

Cuciniale develops and markets intelligent cooking assistence systems enabling everybody to cook ingeniously easy like a Chef.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 29. Feb 2012 – 11. Dec 2021


Cuculus supplies and operates software solutions for the energy sector and beyond. ZONOS, our core product, is only the starting point from which we develop tailor-made solutions together with our customers and partners. As an IoT platform for critical infrastructures, ZONOS is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of Smart Metering, Smart City and Smart Grid applications. Our platform offers the ability to control millions of devices and process the data supplied by them. Due to the large number of interfaces, ZONOS can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing system landscape. ZONOS enables the provision of complete service concepts or individual end customer products and can grow with the technical, commercial and procedural requirements of our customers.

Sector: Energy
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
Added to portfolio 30. Apr 2007

Cumulocity Exit

The mission of Cumulocity is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

In portfolio 27. Dec 2012 – 27. Mar 2017


Cycle develops, produces and markets ultra-short pulse laser technology.
Main product categories are laser-based synchronization, lasers and micro-electronics.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 06. Jan 2016


DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH) develops mass-customizable, export restriction free Actuators and Deployable Structures that make advanced SmallSat & CubeSat missions possible by keeping especially the need of New Space Customers in mind.

Sector: New Space
HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 17. Dec 2020


DeepScenario is an AI start-up that provides the world’s leading platform for training, testing, and validating autonomous systems of any kind, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The company traces its roots to cutting-edge research in computer vision, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence spanning multiple man-years. The team at DeepScenario combines scientific domain knowledge, industrial usage knowledge, and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to help customers efficiently build and deploy autonomous systems in their chosen market. DeepScenario was founded by Dr. Holger Banzhaf, Dr. Jacques Kaiser, and Nijanthan Berinpanathan who share the vision of bringing autonomous systems to the world at scale.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Weber
Added to portfolio 20. Sep 2022