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Adtriba is an efficient and simple cross-channel digital marketing management platform. As the “single point of marketing truth” Adtriba integrates all cross-channel data and applies machine learning to calculate the exact profitability of all marketing touchpoints. The exact performance of every campaign is displayed in a dashboard which allows for cross-channel optimization of marketing ROI.

Website: www.adtriba.com
HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 17. May 2016


contentbird offers a SaaS-solution for the professional link management within companies. The tool not only comprises project planning, CRM and controlling functions, it also supports companies with the planning, implementation and success evaluation of their link building processes.

HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2012


We enable leading international e-commerce companies to drive performance in product advertising and paid search globally in more than 20 languages. Our semantic technology automatically creates and optimises millions of tailor-made ads, helping our partners make advertising more profitable.

Website: crealytics.com
HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
Added to portfolio 07. Dec 2009


Neongas AG is a publisher of online games - in particular the so-called free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games. These are offered free as PC downloads, browser games, in Facebook or to be played on mobile handsets.

Sector: AdTech
Website: www.neonga.com
Added to portfolio 07. Oct 2010


Online advertising targeting platform for media agencies and large advertisers.

Website: semasio.com
HTGF-Manager: Louis Heinz
Added to portfolio 29. Nov 2010


Simplaex is an artificial intelligence company with a focus on online marketing. Our mission is to solve hard problems across the digital landscape by teaching machines to see and understand the complex web of relationships, eventually connecting the advertiser with the audience.

With over 10 years of experience, Simplaex has become proficient at extracting value from the varying paths and touchpoints between the demand- and supply side of the advertising industry. We use our proprietary AI to create a new kind of transparency and control to reduce waste and complexity and to deliver ROI benefits across the full programmatic spectrum.

Website: www.simplaex.com
HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 14. Apr 2009