High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and Chancenkapital Biberach invest in performance search marketing company crealytics

Investors drawn to innovative business model, technical know-how and vast expertise. High-Tech Gründerfonds is the lead investor.

It’s been a good start into the New Year for crealytics GmbH: The PPC advertising firm located in Passau has successfully closed its first round of financing, led by early-stage investor High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and Chancenkapital Biberach. High-Tech Gründerfonds will support this new and innovative technology firm as lead investor. With its state-of-the-art optimisation strategy, crealytics is focused on a consistently profit-making methodology. Their customized “Profit Driven Search Marketing” challenges the usual search-engine marketing practice. The new funding allows for an expansion of the specialized software and the offer of PPC advertising services.

“crealytics combines a very innovative business model with a comprehensive technological solution. Since the company was launched, it has rapidly acquired numerous well-known customers and has been profitable from the beginning”, says Romy Schnelle, Investment Manager of High-Tech Gründerfonds. According to Monika Steger, Team leader at Bayern Kapital: “The technical expertise within the team and the vast practical experience provided were the determining factors, which convinced us to invest. crealytics’ technological platform has given it a real head start over the competition.”

crealytics CEO Andreas Reiffen says: “Our technology allows us to get more out of PPC advertising. “Profit Driven Search Marketing” is based on results, so it guarantees our customers a profit from their investment.” Partner Christof König also adds: “It is our mission to develop software, which can handle tasks in a matter of seconds whereas it would usually take a whole day to get them done.”

With “Profit Driven Search Marketing“ crealytics has created a form of search engine marketing which is more transparent and profitable than previously – without any risk of loss and the need for control. Instead of charging a percentage of advertising costs or a monthly fixed fee, crealytics is measured solely by the profits achieved or other key performance indicators, which characterizes its unique feature. This means that customers only pay when there are actually successful results. As a full-service PPC advertising service provider, the firm therefore takes full responsibility for optimizing the entire PPC campaign – from strategic planning to keyword research, drafting advertisements and continually improving the offer, to measure the success of the campaign.

Photo materials available for download here:

Photo below, from left to right: Andreas Reiffen and Christof König

About crealytics GmbH:
crealytics supports its customers by making the search engine marketing more user-friendly and more profitable – without any risk of loss or the need for control. As a full-service PPC-advertising service provider, the firm takes on all tasks, from strategic planning to keyword searches, drafting advertisements and continually improving the offer, to measure the advertising success. In Passau the founders Andreas Reiffen and Christof König and their team look after various well-known international online mail-order companies.
For further information:

crealytics GmbH
Andreas Reiffen
Große Klingergasse 5
94032 Passau
Tel: +49 851 21376147
Fax: +49 851 21376144


About High-Tech Gründerfonds:
High-Tech Gründerfonds invests venture capital into promising early-stage technology firms, helping to exploit their R&D into commercial business models. With seed financing of up to 500K EUR, start-ups can be helped with R&D-plans to create prototypes, “proof of concepts”, or a market launch. High-Tech Gründerfonds has about 272 mio EUR funds under management. The investors in this public-private partnership are the “Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie“ (German Ministry of Business and Technology), the KfW banking group, and six industrial corporations BASF, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Robert Bosch, Daimler and Carl Zeiss.

High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
Romy Schnelle
Investment Manager
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn
Tel: +49 228 96568500
Fax: +49 228 96568550


About Seedfonds Bayern from Bayern Kapital:
“Seedfonds Bayern“ has been running since 2003, and has 22 mio. EUR to finance newly-founded technology firms in Bavaria. The company also acts as a regional contact point. The fund is managed by Bayern Kapital, which was founded in 1995 through an initiative called “Offensive Zukunft Bayern“ (a push for the future of Bavaria) by the Bavarian state government. They provide equity to finance young and innovative Bavarian companies. Bayern Kapital has invested nearly 149 mio. EUR to date in over 180 innovative high-tech firms.

Bayern Kapital GmbH
Monika Steger
Team Leader
Ländgasse 135 a
84028 Landshut
Tel.: +49 871 9232519
Fax: +49 871 9232555
Public Relations Contact:
Tanja Koschade
Maria-Theresia-Str. 22
D-81675 München
(089) 55 26 47-97/96


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