High-Tech Gründerfonds and New Commercial Room invest in SciEngines GmbH

SciEngines offers a new platform for high performance computing for Software vendors. The supercomputers by SciEngines are based on a complete new architecture which differs fundamentally from standard PC architectures like the von Neumann computers. By using a massively parallel FPGA based architecture SciEngines enables their customers to use the computational performance of supercomputers in a standard PC’s form factor and power consumption.

Life Science and bioinformatics face the problem of faster and faster growing databases and a lack of computational performance. Due to Moore’s Law today’s general purpose computers cannot grow in performance as fast as needed. Modern techniques like virtual screening, drug discovery, molecular biology and analytics have to face an enormous growth in data volume far beyond the growth of computing performance. For these markets SciEngines offers a fast and fully scalable platform solution. Customers are end users as well as bioinformatics service and solution providers. SciEngines enables these customers to master the computational problems of standard PCs and even PC-clusters by using SciEngines massively parallel architectures. Last but not least bioinformatics become even greener by using SciEngines products because a single machine consumes as less energy as one personal computer and offers for certain algorithms the computational performance of an entire computing center. Another great advantage for partners using SciEngines technology is that they do not have to change their software. To make transitions even easier SciEngines offers services for adopting custom algorithms. SciEngines offer a seamless integration into the existing IT-infrastructures and tool chains.

“Just about ten months ago the team led by Gerd Pfeiffer approached us – as part of a spin-out from the University of Kiel – to accompany a financing with simultaneous entry of new market segments for their computing products,” said Claas H Nieraad, managing director of the New Commercial Room GmbH in Hamburg. “The technical approach combined with an early market successes in the field of cryptanalysis, has convinced us as well as first customers, so we could rapidly enter the implementation of the jointly-developed strategy.”

Financed by High-Tech Gründerfonds a new product-line optimized for bioinformatics will be developed and brought to market under the brand RIVYERA. SciEngines appreciates the excellent support and the established and growing contact network of High-Tech Gründerfonds and New Commercial Room.

“The team of SciEngines has shown that they are capable of developing high performance computers with their existing product line for cryptanalysis. The market of bioinformatics seems to fit perfectly to the upcoming products of SciEngines“, said Klaus Lehmann, Senior Investmentmanager of the High-Tech Gründerfonds

About SciEngines:
SciEngines offers massively parallel FPGA based Computers as a platform technology for Software vendors to accelerate their existing algorithms and software. Besides that SciEngines offers consulting services and services in porting third party software to their machines.

SciEngines GmbH
Gerd Pfeiffer, Geschäftsführer
Fraunhoferstrasse 13
24118 Kiel
Tel: +49 431 5302482

About New Commercial Room:
New Commercial Room is an early-stage venture capital company that focuses on investments in high-growth companies at the front edge of business and technological innovation in the German speaking region.We invest in companies led by passionate and highly professional people who are pursuing widely accepted progress in technology, consumer, healthcare and clean-tech markets. The members of our partnership are successful investors and entrepreneurs who built ventures from scratch, raised private capital and managed public companies. In addition, the team represents years of venture capital investing experience.
New Commercial Room offers management and strategic support as well as VC-consultancy for early- and expansion stage companies. The Fund enjoys unique relationships with leading European early-stage investment organizations including the High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), KfW Mittelstandsbank, various Angel Networks and individual investors. Our interdisciplinary consulting team permits New Commercial Room to offer strategic, technological and financial advisory services in an independent and neutral manner.

Claas H Nieraad
Managing Partner
New Commercial Room GmbH
Rothenbaumchaussee 116
20149 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 23856750
Fax: +49 40 23856759

About High-Tech Gründerfonds:
High-Tech Gründerfonds invests venture capital in young, high-opportunity technological companies implementing promising research results in an entrepreneurial manner. The start-up companies are planned to lead their R&D projects to the production of a prototype or a “proof of concepts” or market launch by means of the seed financing of up to 500k EUR. The High-Tech Gründerfonds has a fund volume of around 272m EUR. Investors of the public-private partnership are the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, the KfW bank group as well as the six industrial groups BASF, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Robert Bosch, Daimler and Carl Zeiss.

Klaus Lehmann
Senior Investmentmanager
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 96568500
Fax: +49 228 96568550

Investment manager

Klaus Lehmann- HTGF Startup Investor
Klaus Lehmann – Partner


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