“Soforthilfe” for start-ups

Dear founders,

On April 1, the BMWi published this press release. Public venture capital investors like us, the High-Tech Gründerfonds, are to be provided with additional public funds at short notice, which can probably be used for financing rounds of start-ups together with private investors within the framework of co-investment. The details are currently being clarified.

We will publish news on this topic here:

We are working with the BMWi and the KfW on the details for a separate financing framework, which is intended for the portfolio companies of the HTGF.

This will be a third pillar, so to speak, and is intended as a supplement to Pillars 1 and 2 of the Federal Government’s support pact already communicated by the BMWi, which the HTGF portfolio companies can of course also take advantage of.

Of course, similar rules will apply to us as to all other providers of funding from the support package. We will simply relieve the burden on the other agencies by being given the opportunity to allocate financing to our portfolio companies ourselves.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot yet communicate any further details, first of all everything must be finally clarified. The timeline is currently difficult to estimate. We will inform you as soon as the package is ready. We are working at full speed to be able to offer our portfolio companies financing from the support package that is tailored to their situation.

Status as of 14.05.2020

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Your HTGF team