EdTech Next Summit

11.09.20232 days

EdTech Next was initiated by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia – led by EDUvation and the Founders Foundation – to strengthen the regional EdTech StartUp ecosystem. It has been recognized that innovative ideas in education are essential for future economic growth and wealth. However, a focus on one region would not be enough to support innovative ideas in EdTech, because the topic is broad, and diverse and the international target markets are too distinct. This is why EDUvation has been asked to organize a summit with a pan-European impact, suitable for EdTech innovators who want to gain knowledge about the different ecosystems in Europe.

The event is not only about pedagogical issues when using technologies in education or about wishful thinking about what the EdTech world should look like in the distant future. It is about the actual and current needs of the EdTech StartUp scene. We take a closer look at the business side and which challenges founders may face, e.g. how to run an EdTech start-up, how to grow in different markets, how to get an investment or how to find partners for cooperation. We also invite political leaders and stakeholders from old and new companies to join us. In this way, the current problems of EdTech companies can be discussed and addressed, but StartUps can also be discovered as new partners for established companies.

Dr. Maurice Kügler, Senior Investment Manager, is joining the event as a speaker, together with Daniel Zacharias, CEO and Founder of Sdui.


Date: 11.09.2023
Duration: 2 days

Lokschuppen. Stadtheider Str. 11, 33609 Bielefeld, Germany

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Dr. Maurice Kügler, Senior Investment Manager