Product-Market Fit in Industrial Tech – The way to customer understanding

30. July 2019
By Ingo Fehr (Investment Manager), Gregor Haidl (Investment Manager), Fabian Hogrebe (Analyst), Yann Fiebig (Senior Investment Manager), Dr. Andreas Olmes (Partner) The founders of Industrial Tech Start-Ups master difficult technological challenges: problems are identified, large problems are broken down into small elements and detailed analyses are performed. For most of the Start-Ups, this way of working solves the most difficult …

The Gap in the Value Chain of Funding Start-ups is Moving Forward

13. June 2019
This is what usually happens. You take your car and go to the Mediterranean for your holidays. You prepare everything but you don’t think about the fuel your car needs to reach your destination. Although it’s clear that your car needs additional fuel on the way, you are sure to find many stations on your journey offering enough petrol to …

Product-Market Fit: The Main Reason for Failure of Industrial Tech Startups within the HTGF Portfolio

24. May 2019
A post-mortem Analysis of the HTGF Industrial Technologies Portfolio By Gregor Haidl (Investment Manager), Fabian Hogrebe (Analyst), Ingo Fehr (Investment Manager), Yann Fiebig (Senior Investment Manager), Dr. Andreas Olmes (Partner) Every year we read through hundreds of pitch decks or business plans at High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) created by technology startups in the industrial environment. In recent years, we have repeatedly …